Cristina Leiva. Spain.

Fashion stylist.

I started my career at the age of seventeen in Madrid, Spain, where I went to school for fashion design at the Instituto Europeo di Design. When I was twenty, I moved to Rome to continue my studies at my school´s Italian campus. I received a fashion degree at twenty-one, and set off for the place that inspires me most: New York City. With nothing but my passion, aesthetic sense, and ambition, I began to meet and work with many inspiring people in both fashion and music. 

My passion is not simply for fashion, but rather, for people and the reasons why they wear what they wear. Behind a person´s clothes, there is always a story. I want to learn that story. 

I find inspiration in music, nature, history, and people.

I have had the pleasure of working with Vice Spain, Italy and USA, Nylon Mexico, Ladygunn Magazine, New York Magazine, Taste The Style, Girls On Film Zine, Fashion Grunge Blog and many others.

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